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VIDEO: How life at school starts

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Dhrubo has been looking forward to going to school all summer, often asking his mother exactly how many days are remaining before he starts. From 60 days they counted down to the BIG Day!

At 1pm all the eager parents and kindergarteners arrived at the entrance of the school. They were then led to the gym where they were greeted with a singalong session. Later, Parin Morgan, principal at Nightingale Elementary, welcomed parents and students and introduced teachers. This year, there are 4 kindergarten classes at the school.

Dhrubo found his name on the list and raced to his classroom with his older brother leading the way. He finally got to meet his teacher, Ms. Tooshkenig.

Kindergarten is gradual entry. For the first three days children go for one hour and gradually build up their stay. On the seventh day students go for the full day.

Dhrubo was a bit nervous for his first day of kindergarten, but he will soon make friends, learn new things and get use to the routine.

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