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New Faces Leaders mentor Grade 8 students on their first day of high school

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At David Thompson Secondary, the New Faces Leaders program is designed to help Grade 8 students with their transition to secondary school. We caught up with two Grade 12 mentors in the program as they share about changes happening this year to keep the new high school students connected. We also spoke with four Grade 8 students as they share about their first day of high school and what they are excited about most as they start the new school year. The New Faces Leaders program also shares six tips for Grade 8 students to have a successful year:

  1. Try something new
  2. Be responsible for your work
  3. Organize, organize, organize!
  4. Join a group, club or team
  5. Academic support can come from teachers and classmates
  6. Your New Faces Leader buddy will be a great resource

“Because of COVID-19 restrictions we won’t be able to gather in large groups, but rest assured we will find a way, whether it is connecting virtually or in smaller groups within cohorts, we will do it in a safe manner so Grade 8 students will still feel a sense of connection and mentoring from the New Faces Leaders” says Winnie Mock, the staff sponsor for the program.

For more information on the program, check out their Instagram page: @dt_nfl

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