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Entering High School from the lens of an eighth grader

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VSB, Back, to, School, Student, Interview, Grade, 8

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VSB, Back, to, School, Student, Interview, Grade, 8

Going back to school can be nerve-wracking for students, especially when it's transitioning into high school. For eighth grader Charlotte Paley, she will be starting her first day at Gladstone Secondary this week, where she's most excited about making new friends and trying new classes.

We recently chatted with Paley about her school year intentions, opportunities and challenges as she heads into grade eight. Check out our conversation below:

What are you most excited about with Grade 8 and going Back to School?

There are so many things I am excited about for high school. For me, entering a new school will be very exciting, and instead of just one teacher, I get lots of teachers! I love that next year I get to dance, make food and play with computers. Gladstone isn't my catchment school, so I am especially excited about making new friends. I am very excited and can't wait for the first day!

What is your favourite school subject?

My favorite subject is Physical Education (PE) or French. I can't decide because PE is very fun and I love being active, while French is very fun because I love speaking in French. But I think [this] will definitely change because I am entering a new school, and my favorite subjects might be different.

What are your new school year goals?

This year, I really want to do my homework the first day it is assigned. Doing it the first day is much better [because it] makes you feel less stressed about your homework if you get it done right away. I [also] want to put more meaning into my writing, and not complain when we do something I don't like.

What scares you the most about the new school year?

Gladstone is a really big school, compared to my elementary school. It has 4 floors! I'm scared that I might get lost in this gigantic school and be super late for class! It also scares me that I might fall behind in my homework. Other than that, some teachers have told me that in a few weeks or so, I will be completely used to how large Gladstone is, and if I pay attention and do all of my homework, I will be fine.

Going back to school can be stressful and anxious for many students, but there are many useful resources available for students. For a full list of useful links and contacts, please visit here.

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