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VSB, KidSafe, Summer, Programs, Students

Almost 400 VSB students are busy taking part in the KidSafe project over the summer break. KidSafe, a Vancouver based charity, offers accessible low barrier, fun activities to students during school breaks each year.

Currently taking place at nine school sites, program facilitators introduce skill development activities throughout the day, such as opportunities to learn how to swim or develop art skills. "I'm putting diamonds and flowers because that's how I feel," fifth grader Olivia says about making self-portrait mannequins to express how students feel about themselves.

For Grade five student Amariyah, it is her second time at the program. "[I like] getting to know new people each time but also connecting with past friendships," she shares. Most students are chosen by youth family workers, support admins, teachers, and school staff.

Some sites also include visits from the Vancouver Writer's Exchange, a local literacy program that run interactive reading and writing projects. "We're trying to go a little deeper with the students, so they come out with a body of knowledge that they didn't have coming into the program," Executive Director Quincey Kirschner says.

A career fair is also held each year with a wide variety of representatives from different professions, who share their work experiences with the students. These include gemologists, zoologists, event planners, and architects to inspire students to find potential job skills and passions. The variety of professionals "broadens the idea of what students want to be when they grow up," Kirschner says.

Whether it is fun classroom activities, community visits, or job fairs, the KidSafe project keeps students engaged with their learning during spring, summer and winter breaks.

Learn more about the KidSafe project on their website.

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