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District staff show their local love – annual United Way fundraising campaign kicks-off

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There is joy in giving! A sense of community, belonging and contribution are just some of the benefits. Greater still are the lasting impacts made possible through the programs, supports and services made possible by giving – of time, funds, and expertise. And that sums up the purpose and significance of the annual United Way Campaign. 

Every year, staff throughout the District participant in the annual campaign. This year, fundraising efforts kicked-off on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, with the return of the annual pancake breakfast at the Education Centre, which was on hiatus in 2020. The occasion looked a little different than in previous years, but the excitement and comradery were still the same.

Everyone in the District contributes to the creation of culture of care and shared social responsibility and works to build capacity in our community. By participating in the annual funding raising campaign, staff support collaborative relationships with community partners. The campaign also provides an opportunity to encourage and appreciate the contributions made by students, families, employee groups and community partners. 

Through fundraising efforts and donations by staff, the United Way makes positives impacts on the lives of individuals, families, and communities – showing local love in so many important ways. School communities in the Vancouver School District also benefit from the United Way’s good work through programs for students. The United way specifically supports a range of activities organized and supported by our Community Schools Teams.

Annual United Way events also provide an opportunity to bring employees together, which is important for creating a healthy and supportive culture. This year’s campaign runs until January 30, 2021. Check out the District’s social media feeds for coming stories and highlights about staff fundraising efforts to support the annual campaign.

To learn more about the United Way British Columbia and how you can show your local love, visit their website:

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