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​Making memories that last: First day of Grade 12 and final year of high school

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The first week of Grade 12 is officially in the books for Churchill Secondary student Leona Lam. It will be a jam-packed year for her too – between her role as student body president, preparing for university applications and coaching sport ball after school, Leona has a lot on her plate for her final year of high school.

In addition to her commitment to building connections with her peers as the school president, Leona also works as a peer mentor to support Grade 8 students with their transition to high school. “I think having a senior mentor really helps Grade 8 students get through the start of the year,” she shares.  “I’ve been there … It is so nerve-wracking starting high school, but it gets better once you adjust to a routine.”

Aside from her work as a mentor, Leona is also excited about her courses this year, especially the work she is planning for her capstone project next term. Outlined in B.C.’s curriculum, the capstone project is an opportunity for students to design, assemble and present a project that algins with their learning, life experiences and future career path. 

“I’m planning to create a film that shows the impact and influence that teachers and educators have on young students and their development in school.” Leona says the film will incorporate both her love for acting and for education. 

Speaking of future career paths, Leona plans to pursue a career in education and take after her dad who is a teacher at Norquay Elementary. 

“The dream is UBC,” she says. “I want to pursue a career in education because there are so many paths I can choose from.” Leona’s decision is between teaching drama or physical education, working as a counsellor or helping students with special needs. Overall, Leona is passionate about social justice wants to be an active participant in her community. 

As the student body president at Churchill, Leona wants to share a special message to the graduating class of 2023: 

“I am just so proud of how far we’ve come. We did miss out on a lot of opportunities in the last two years, but I am happy that we are still going strong and putting in the effort to stay connected with each other. I know that everyone will be successful in whatever path they choose. Remember to have a good attitude, a support system to lean on and reach out for help from friends and teachers when you need it most. It is an emotional year because it’s our last, but I can’t wait to make memories with all of you!”

Check out a video of Leona’s highlights from her first week of Grade 12 on our Instagram channel.  

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