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Student Learning and Well-Being Committee Highlights: November 18, 2020

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Committees are comprised of member trustees and representatives of the District’s stakeholder groups. Meetings are live-streamed and are also available for viewing following their conclusion. 

Members of the Student Learning and Well-Being Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. 

The committee meeting began with four delegations from District parents focused on the quarterly model in secondary schools. They presented information and concerns about potential mental health impacts of reduced face-to-face instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following each delegation, committee members had the opportunity to ask questions.

Next the committee heard a presentation on the key components of the District’s Framework for Enhancing Student Learning. Every BC school district must develop new framework documents that best suit the needs of their district. The framework presentation included details on the District’s Strategic Plan, the school planning process, the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement, stakeholder communication, and a Curriculum Implementation Framework.

The committee received an update on elementary school programming during the pandemic. This included a look at the Learn from Home Transition Option for elementary students. Committee members heard that the District looks to extend the option following winter break, and will gather information and input from stakeholders and families. The District will send information to families with students in this option. 

The committee also heard a presentation on secondary programming this school year. Members heard about considerations during planning of the secondary quarterly model, including preserving student choice and flexibility to accommodate a variety of programs. They were also told about specific features of the 2020-21 schedule, like staggered start times and allowances for time to clean between groups of students. The update looked at what works and what could be adjusted. It also included next steps in the short and long terms.

Members received an update on resources for outdoor education, and that $2 million from the federal funding grant will support outdoor education resources.

The final presentation to the committee was on two proposed Board/Authority Authorized secondary courses: African Descent History in BC 12 and Chess 11 for the 2021-22 school year. The committee moved that the proposed courses go to the Board for approval. 

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package

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