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VSB engagement process gathers input on Education Plan

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Another critical step in the development of the District’s 2022-2026 Education Plan is now complete.

The Knowledge Gathering phase invited students, families, District staff, First Nations, stakeholders, and Vancouverites to provide input on the educational priorities and performance of Vancouver’s public education system. Participants were well distributed across all neighbourhoods and their responses were full of perspective, thoughtful, and creative. 

Respondents agreed widely that the Board should focus on growth and improvement, with many noting they support having a variety of programs and desire more challenges for students in the curriculum.

Students, especially secondary students, expressed their priority about the future, saying they want their education to prepare them for what follows their completion of school. Students in the engagement sessions made it clear that they think teachers are key to their learning and support. Students at all levels – as well as their families – also want safe, welcoming, caring, and inclusive schools that are free from bullying, racism, and discrimination.

There was consistency among engagement groups in the prioritization of the goals of education. Thinking critically, creatively, and deeply was the top priority, followed by improving knowledge and thinking, and taking responsibility for oneself.

Three overarching takeaways are:

  1. The VSB should identify and implement ways to improve outcomes for students
  2. Equity and inclusion must be ensured across the school system
  3. Reconciliation with First Nations should be a priority

The input is a critical step in developing the next Education Plan that will guide Vancouver’s education system and prepare students in all grades to seize opportunities and meet challenges they may face.

A working group of trustees has reviewed and analyzed the input received and is preparing a report to present to the Board at a public meeting in January 2022. Once approved by the Board, the superintendent and District staff will develop operational plans that are expected in April 2022.

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