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The gift of giving: Grade 7 student designs 3D objects for first responders

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Nickolai Junussov, a Grade 7 student from General Gordon Elementary, is a coder, creator and designer. Junussov has coded for several years and throughout the pandemic, he learned how to print three-dimensional objects.

With the holiday season upon us, Junussov felt inspired to use his coding skills to do something positive for his community.

Junussov designed what he calls ‘ear-savers’ to prevent skin irritation from wearing a mask. "I want to help first responders because I know how uncomfortable it is to wear masks for a long period of time," he explains.

Junussov also designed ‘door-openers’ with his 3D printer to avoid touching door handles. He pitched his door-openers idea to the Vancouver Fire Department, and they ordered an entire box.

So far, Junussov has made over 200 ear-savers and 20 door-openers with his 3D printer. Gordon Elementary’s principal, Marion Broadbent, says his goal is to make 500 ear-savers by year end.

Since distributing his order to the Vancouver Fire Department, his 3D printer has been running non-stop. Junussov’s next order is a box of ear-savers for the medical staff at St Paul’s Hospital; and he also dropped off a box of ear-savers at his local pharmacy last week. "The pandemic has been different and difficult, so this is my way to help," Junussov adds.

Through these unprecedented times, no matter how big or small, Junussov hopes his designs will inspire others to support their local communities over the holidays.

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