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VSB makes a strong showing at 2018 Skills Canada BC Provincials

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Schools from the Vancouver School Board sent a huge contingent to Skills Canada BC's 2018 Provincial Competition held at the Tradex, in Abbotsford on April 18. Forty VSB students, the largest group from any one district, were among the more than 600 competitors who came from around the province to participate in 58 fields like automotive, graphic design, baking, IT Network Systems Administration and fashion, to name just a few. 

In addition to the competitors, there were more than 450 VSB student observers and their teachers checking out all the action. Grade 6s and 7s were included in the group for the first time. Also in attendance were parents, career educators, industry leaders, technical experts, sponsors, employers, labour organizations and government representatives. In total, there were more than 5,000 spectators. 

Along with watching the main events, students could participate in Try-a-Trade activities, visit the Pathways to Careers Showcase or take in the Women in Trades and Technology Conference. 

"It was fantastic," raved Scott Malin, a Grade 7 teacher from Tyee. "I was really impressed with how the companies, schools, and presenters interacted with the students -- gave them a sense of possibility and appreciation for the skills involved." 

Ziyan, one of Malin's students, agreed. "It was nice to see a different variety of jobs that you could do." Classmate Angela chimed in. "It was cool to watch people animate on computers." 

Two Grade 7 students from Carnarvon were pleasantly surprised at the things they saw. "Everything turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought," says one student. "We all really seemed to enjoy watching what was happening in the baking and the cooking section because there were beautiful desserts and extremely detailed dishes." 

"I enjoyed the excavator a lot because it felt like an extension of the body in a way, which I found really cool," says another Carnarvon student.  

"It was amazing seeing all of the opportunities available in the trade industry and inspiring to see so many people competing for something that they're passionate about," says Avneet, a Grade 12 student from John Oliver. 

Six VSB competitors won gold medals and earned spots at the national Skills competition in Edmonton this June.


VSB 39 Results

 Auto Service Technician

Mary Joy Siscar                                    Silver                      John Oliver / Britannia

 Auto Collision Repair

Patrick Bucu                                          Gold                       John Oliver

Jasdeep Bal                                           Bronze                   Churchill

 Job Search

Anastasia Peters                                  Gold                        Kitsilano

Jordan Lok                                             Silver                      Britannia

 Fashion Technology                           

Kenneth Chow                                      Gold                        Eric Hamber

Jillian Wong                                          Silver                      Eric Hamber

 Workplace Safety                               

Sara Peters                                           Gold                        Eric Hamber

Juliane Jou                                           Silver                      David Thompson

Michelle Singh                                     Bronze                   John Oliver

 Baking - Secondary

Queenie Li                                             Gold                        David Thompson

Chantel Vo                                            Bronze                   David Thompson

 Graphic Design

Jennifer Leong                                      Gold                        Eric Hamber

Alexander Regis                                   Bronze                   Eric Hamber

 Car Painting

Aaron Tagaca                                        Silver                      Windermere

Rabin Rosario                                       Bronze                   Tupper

 IT Network Systems Administration

Patrick Chen                                         Silver                      Killarney/Churchill


VSB 39 Alumni

 Baking - Post-Secondary

Clarissa Roque                         Gold                        VCC, Eric Hamber, grad of 2017

Angela Wu                                  Bronze                   VCC, Windermere, grad of 2016

 Fashion Technology - Post-Secondary

Karen Cuabo                             Silver                      KPU, Eric Hamber, grad of 2017

 Graphic Design - Post-Secondary

Karmen Leong                         Silver                      UBC, Eric Hamber, grad of 2016


Other VSB competitors


Eric Mancenido, Prince of Wales     

 Car Painting                                         

Jason Peers, David Thompson

Lydia Terry, Tupper

 Auto Collision Repair                         

Braeden Pokar, David Thompson

Jaiden Black David Thompson

 Electrical Wiring                 

Riley McBride, Templeton


Morgan Hurlock, Killarney

 Culinary Arts                                       

Jackie Alpha, Van Tech/Tupper

 Workplace Safety

Felice Di Padova, Kitsilano

 IT Network Systems Administration

Eugene Silvestre, John Oliver/Killarney

 Jr Skills Spaghetti Bridge Building   

Jason Soriano, John Oliver

Shaurya Setia, John Oliver

 Jr Skills Gearbots

Valerie Chan, Churchill

Mars Cretu, Churchill

Tracy Liang, Churchill

Richard Luo, Churchill

Timothy Vasilyev, Churchill

Eric Wang, Churchill

Jensen Cheung, Churchill  

Skills Canada BC's 2018 Provincial Competition
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