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Lots of excitement as students begin kindergarten 

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Starting kindergarten is a big and exciting step in a child’s life – and many four and five-year-old students in the Vancouver School District are beginning that journey this school year.  

Gradual entry, which sees students in kindergarten attend for progressively longer periods over the first few days, begins on different days at different schools, with the first full day on September 21. 

Aisha Josephs’ son, Kingston, began French Immersion at Laura Secord Elementary today, September 14. She says leading up to the start of the year, Kingston expressed anything between apprehension and excitement, depending on the day. “Sometimes he’s scared of other kids, and other times, he’s excited for the big, new school,” she explains.  

Walking from the car to Secord -- Avengers backpack strapped on -- Kingston shows some shyness, but also flashes many smiles and chats happily about a surprise promised by his mother after school. He appears to take it in stride when asked to line up with the other children and prepare to walk into his classroom. Josephs is one of several parents offering reassuring words to their children and snapping photos, capturing the transition to elementary school.  

Josephs feels communication from the school has been good as Kingston prepares for and heads into the year. She expects Kingston will adjust quickly to protocols in place, like frequent handwashing. “He went to a preschool before that had hygiene set up so he already has a base,” she explains. “And we go out a lot – they know immediately to wash their hands when they come in.”

Meantime, Emily Alderman’s daughter, Abby is also beginning kindergarten at Quilchena Elementary. Alderman says Abby is excited about learning French and meeting her teacher. “She also, understandably, seems a bit nervous about going to a new place and meeting all her new classmates. I share her mixed excitement and nervousness!” Alderman adds. 

The Vancouver School District welcomes all new students to the District as they begin their learning journeys with us. 

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