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Killarney Secondary partners with Greater Vancouver Food Bank

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Last spring, Killarney Secondary theatre students submitted pitches to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) and were selected as the top pitch to partner and create a public service announcement for the organization.

"This partnership with the GVFB has been an invaluable experience for the theatre students and teachers at Killarney. This partnership has enabled us to help make more positive change within our community," said Kristin Mattock, Teacher at Killarney Secondary.

The PSA video came out of a desire to improve the overall quality of food donated to school food drives. After many auditions and several lunchtime rehearsals, the Killarney theatre students and drama teachers created the following video:

"The opportunity to work with a real film production team on such a cool project for the food bank was not only exciting but inspiring," said Sarah Nakashima, Directing & Scriptwriting Student at Killarney Secondary. "Seeing how a film actually goes from script to screen and how the food bank is run made me realize no matter the profession I pursue I can use my skills to make a positive impact," adds Sarah.

Caroline Manuel, manager at the GVFB is also delighted with the results from the video: "It is a fantastic tool we will be using to message to not only students, but the general public, about the best foods to donate; while at the same time motivating and encouraging folks to run food drives at schools, with friends, at work or in their community, " said Caroline.

The GVFB wants to ensure the vulnerable portion of the population has access to high quality, nutritious food they would otherwise not be able to afford – especially for children and youth. For more information on how you can donate, visit:

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