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VSB student receives poetry award

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Sir William Osler Elementary School student Cora Arvidson was recently awarded first place in the Ripple Foundation’s 10th annual, Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Contest.

Cora’s poetry collection, Threads, is now available for purchase on Amazon, Google, and Apple iBookstore, with sales proceeds benefiting the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

Cora, who says she’s always enjoyed writing, submitted to the context after her Grade 7 teacher encouraged students to apply. Her work garnered her first place amongst nearly 600 other students!

This was the Grade 7 student’s first experience putting pen-to-paper with regimented regularity. The resulting work, Threads, explores human connection as a tangible thing stretching across borders and throughout history. It examines connection, consciousness and youth – all while remaining curious yet cautious of being adrift in a large world.

"I became interested in how everything became so abstract in the ways that we were connected during the pandemic," she says. "Maybe it's the size of the world or maybe it's something else—but sometimes you feel connected and sometimes you feel like a tiny little speck."

It was these sentiments that the panel of 12 judges — comprised of professional editors, past contest winners, poets and illustrators — recognized in her work.

Congratulations, Cora!

Learn more about the Ripple Foundation’s Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Contest.


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