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District creates mental health videos for students

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When thermometers start to drop in Vancouver, so can our moods. The colder season can leave us feeling less active, sluggish, and unmotivated. Taking care of your physical and mental health during this challenging time of year is crucial for overall wellness. 

That is why the District created a mental health video series called Take Care, featuring students from Gladstone, Eric Hamber and Vancouver Technical Secondary schools. This video series is part of a regional campaign to promote mental health and well-being to students throughout school districts in the Metro Vancouver.

In the video series, Vancouver students talk about how they take care of their physical and emotional health, how they manage stress, practice self-care, and who they reach out to for support when they need it.

In addition to this series, Fraser Health Rapid Response Team has also developed video resources for students and families to support conversations around mental health. These animated videos are available to both elementary and secondary students and are also translated in multiple languages. 

Feeling overwhelmed lately? Watch our new mental health video series below for tips to build up your mental health toolbox during these dark and gloomy days.

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