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Terry Fox Run brings school communities together

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It can be hard to maintain a positive outlook when there are many challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. A Terry Fox Run usually brings an entire school community together. Music pumps, kids are energized, families and neighbours gather to cheer on everyone. How could that still be achieved during a pandemic? Carrie Froese, principal at David Livingstone Elementary, asked herself this very question.

Last Friday, a Terry Fox Run flag flew high at Livingstone Elementary as a reminder that anything is possible. Froese asked families prior to the run to participate through social media instead of arriving at the school in person. Froese used Livingstone’s Twitter account to post photos of students during the run – allowing families to participate in a virtual community.

“Parents really appreciated the tweets throughout the day so they could participate at least to a limited degree,” says Froese.

At General Brock Elementary, principal Nancy Paget and physical education teacher Jon Orange shared the same aspirations as Froese. Orange designed an entire running schedule to ensure the safety of students and staff. Students ran in their learning groups at different scheduled times and on separate routes.

“This avoided intermingling with other groups,” says Paget.

Paget sent a letter home to families prior to the run that shared a variety of ways families were able to participate to support their child’s run – such as donating to the school’s fundraising page or partaking in online Terry Fox Run activities at home.

Between both schools, a total of $4,230.95 was raised to support cancer research and toward other charities that support those affected by the global pandemic.

The Terry Fox Run this year captures how it still is possible, even in these challenging times, to focus on strengthening school communities to make a positive impact. 

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