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Facilities Planning Committee and Personnel Committee Meetings Highlights: October 21, 2020

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committee, meeting

Committees are comprised of member trustees and representatives of the District’s stakeholder groups. Meetings are live-streamed and are also available for viewing following their conclusion.  Members of the Facilities Planning Committee and Personnel Committee held meetings on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Facilities Planning Committee meeting

The Facilities Planning Committee meeting focused on Long Range Facilities Planning Strategy 2020-2030. The Long Range Facilities Plan shows how the District manages facilities in an effective, economic and efficient way in support of educational goals and as well as informing the annual submission of a five-year capital plan.

The committee heard that the strategy 2020-2030 looks to set out high level goals and actions that will underpin the Long-Range Facilities planning processes for the District. The strategy would also firstly address communication of educational programming goals in relation to operational goals for facilities. Secondly, to provide details about the establishment of a predictable planning cycle to facilitate future Long Range Facilities Planning updates.

Discussions with stakeholders included representatives sharing their feedback on the proposed strategy. The strategy 2020-2030 document passed to October’s Board meeting for further discussion and subject to changes received from stakeholders. These will then be discussed by trustees at the meeting.

Chair of the committee, trustee Wong, also noted that trustees have an upcoming visioning workshop (scheduled for later this year) where they will review all the feedback they have received on the strategy for a vision on long range facilities planning in advance of January’s Facilities Planning meeting.

For more information, watch the full proceedings and review the agenda package with reports.

Personnel Committee meeting

The Personnel Committee meeting began with delegations regarding a motion on anti-racism training for all employee groups in the District. The committee heard from three delegations – including a member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 15 and parents from Vancouver school communities. A discussion period followed, where trustees thanked each speaker for sharing their thoughts and stories.

The meeting moved onto a notice of motion on anti-racism training for all District employee groups: ‘That the Vancouver Board of Education engages independent experts to design and deliver antiracism training for all educators with a focus on anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, and anti-Asian racism. And that this training be at least the equivalent of one full day of mandatory training, reference child rights, VSB policies and procedures on discrimination, hate, racism, SOGI, and incident reporting and response. And that this training be mandatory for all employee groups in the 2020-2021 school year.’

After the motion was presented, the floor was open for discussion with stakeholders. Many shared their thoughts on the motion and requested experts in diversity and from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities to help facilitate the training.

After a detailed discussion period, the notice of motion was moved forward to the Board for the October meeting.

The committee also received a staffing and recruitment update, followed by a question period where some stakeholders shared some concern on teacher recruitment. The meeting ended with a report summarizing wellness and employee engagement highlights from this year.

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package with reports.

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