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Vancouver School Board endorses May 10 as Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism

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The Vancouver School District continues its commitment to schools that are free of discrimination. The District and the Board find the increase in hate crimes that target Asian communities in the last several months very concerning and condemn all racist acts. 

The District works to foster kindness and acceptance. In line with these values, the Vancouver Board of Education voted unanimously to proclaim and endorse May 10, 2021 as Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism at a Special Board Meeting on May 5. In addition, the Board voted to send a letter to Stand With Asians Coalition regarding the endorsement. Stand With Asians Coalition is a group dedicated to stopping anti-Asian racism, and plans a nationwide, virtual rally on May 10.

The endorsement aligns with the Board’s and District’s commitment to address racism, as indicated in previous resolutions adopted, and actions taken. These include the Board’s request that the superintendent of schools investigate whether any racist incidents occurred in the District in association with the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the Board voted in favour of mandatory anti-racism training for all District employee groups and trustees this school year. On May 5, 2021 the District held the second day of the annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Youth Forum, which focused on anti-racism. 

Schools must be welcoming places for all, regardless of race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or gender identity. The District and the Board remain committed to ensuring this is the case.

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