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Some secondary schools begin pilot of new rotation schedule

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The second quarter of the school year began today (November 18) in the Vancouver School District. With it, some secondary students and staff began a modified schedule compared to what they experienced in quarter one.

After consultation with parents, staff and students, seven secondary schools in the District moved to a model in which students alternate between in-class learning and remote learning each week, rather than every second week.

In the quarterly system introduced this year under COVID-19 health and safety measures, students take two classes at one time, completing them in 10 weeks. During quarter one, students attended one class in-person for two weeks and attended the other class remotely. During the following two weeks, they attended the in-person class remotely and the remote class in-person. This two-week rotation continued until the end of the quarter. 

In quarter two, Gladstone, Windermere, John Oliver, David Thompson, University Hill, Britannia and Point Grey secondary schools altered the quarter one model so students attend a class in-person for one week and attend that same class the following week remotely. The second class rotates in the same way. 

This change is a pilot for quarter 2. After the pilot, the one-week rotation schedule will be assessed. 

The second quarter began November 18, 2020 and runs until February 3, 2021. If there are changes to the two-course rotation, information will be shared with students, their families and school staff in advance.

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