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Students earn scholarships for describing the positive impact of school administrators

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Two grade 12 students from Vancouver Technical and Kitsilano Secondary schools are the 2020 recipients of the Vancouver School District’s administrators recognition scholarships.  

Administrators have a vital role in ensuring students' success by providing innovative, caring and responsive learning environments. The District awards two $2,500 scholarships to students each year to recognize the work done by principals and vice principals and their positive impact on students.   

David Zhang’s experience with the Vancouver Technical Secondary Breakfast Club started in Grade 9 when principal Annette Vey-Chilton recruited him to sit on a committee to address food insecurity at the school. Zhang says the opportunity gave him the chance to learn how to discover his passion for problem solving. A member of the school’s student council, he credits principal Vey-Chilton’s steadfast support of the council with helping him and other students grow as leaders. In his scholarship submission, Zhang shares Vey-Chilton provided him with a foundation of knowledge and skills that he will use to help his community, now that he has finished school. “Ms. Vey-Chilton has helped me find out for myself who I want to be and take the first steps to becoming that person,” he says.  

At Kitsilano Secondary, student Anzara Vieira-Malinowski says no other administrator or teacher has influenced her like principal Ranjit Bains. Vieira-Malinowski notes that principal Bains taught her what it means to be intellectual, confident and attentive. Vieira-Malinowski says she is inspired by Bains’ commitment and leadership to see the school community succeed. “I have worked hard to match her devotion by connecting with students, teachers and administration,” says Vieira-Malinowski. “She continues to leave a positive legacy at Kitsilano and I hope to do the same.” 

Vieira-Malinowski adds having strong role models has allowed her to grow as an individual, and she appreciates the opportunity to thank those who have influenced her education. The now Kitsilano Secondary alum says she is thrilled to have the financial support for post-secondary tuition this scholarship will provide. She plans to study social sciences at the University of British Columbia – aiming to major in International Relations, and minor in Education. She hopes to one day work in government and/or with elementary school children. 

The annual scholarships were set up on Administrative and Management Staff Appreciation Day, celebrated on December 5 each year. 

Learn more about how the scholarships were created. 

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