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Meeting highlights: Policy & Governance, Personnel and Committee-of-the-Whole - February 2021

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Board Meeting/Committee of the Whole – February 2, 2021 

On February 2, the Board met for a special Board meeting and Committee-of-the-Whole on the development of the District’s operating budget. Trustees heard from two stakeholder delegations and one non-stakeholder delegation on what they would like to see as budget priorities, in preparation for development of the 2021-22 operating budget.

Find more information on the District’s budget.

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package.

Policy & Governance Committee – February 3, 2021  

The first Policy and Governance Committee meeting of 2021 began with three delegations, including representation from the BC Community Alliance as well as parents from Vancouver school communities. Topics included board policies surrounding the School Liaison Officer (SLO) program and policies on providing delegations to standing committees.  

Following delegations, the Policy and Governance Committee heard an update on the SLO program review and engagement process. The review is actively underway, and a report based on the results of the engagement process will be presented at the next Policy and Governance meeting.  In addition, a full report for the Board to consider next steps of the SLO program will be provided at April’s Policy and Governance meeting.  

The committee also heard an update on a proposed motion to establish Indigenous representation within the Board. Members of the committee agreed for District staff to connect with Indigenous communities to seek their thoughts on the proposed motion. The proposed motion will then be brought to the next committee meeting for further consideration.  

Committee members then received an update on amendments to Board Policy 4: Trustee Code of Conduct. The committee heard the amendments are still under review from legal counsel; and when complete, the proposed amendments will return to a future committee meeting for input.  

Next, the committee heard an update on the final versions to Administrative Procedures 170, 171 and 350, which support the recently adopted Board Policy 21: Anti-Racism and Non-Discrimination. At a previous committee meeting, committee members gave feedback and input on the administrative procedures. Superintendent Hoffman reviewed and approved the final versions.

Lastly, the committee discussed a proposed motion on “That on the second Monday of every month, a Board meeting be scheduled for the purpose of hearing from delegations. Delegations which wish to present at this Board meeting will follow the process outlined in Board Policy Number 7.8. That this be referred to the Policy and Governance Committee.” 

With all trustees in support of the recommendation, the committee moved the proposed motion to the Board for further discussion.  

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package.

Personnel Committee – February 3, 2021

The first Personnel Committee meeting of 2021 began with a delegation from a Vancouver parent discussing the funds related to COVID-19and a proposal to extend the Learn from Home Transition option for families.  

The committee then heard a report on staffing and recruitment, highlighting new processes for applicants through the Teachers Regulation Branch as well as absence trends in the District. 

Members of the committee then received an update on wellness and employee engagement. The report outlined the District’s well-being strategy, employee engagement initiatives and an update on mental health training available for staff.  

The committee then discussed a proposed motion that $3 million of unspent COVID-19 Federal grant money be used to hire additional teachers to work with students in the Learn from Home Transition option. 

The committee heard that more details on the COVID-19 spending plan are coming to February’s Finance Committee meeting in addition to an update on the transition option at the next Student Learning and Well-Being Committee meeting. With these updates ahead, the proposed motion moved to the Board for further discussion.  

Lastly, the District’s Parent Advisory Council committee representative made an information request for follow up in relation to anti-racism training planned for District.  

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package.  

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