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51 school projects to address environmental change thanks to VSB Sustainability Grants

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Students and educators are leading the way in lasting, sustainable school-based initiatives that will inspire and educate students on environmental change for years to come.

VSB sustainability grants provide schools with the opportunity to advance sustainability-related initiatives within their school communities. These grants are allocated annually and are open to all elementary and secondary schools in the District.  

Supported by the District’s energy conservation program, VSB sustainability grants provide funding for plants and equipment for school gardens, sustainability themed books, improved bike storage, and solar powered automatic watering systems.

This year’s recipients include 14 secondary schools and 37 elementary schools. These schools have been hard at work on a variety of different projects to address sustainability in their school communities. 

Teachers from Beaconsfield Elementary purchased two indoor greenhouses to start seeds for springtime planting, including spinach, swiss chard, carrots, and other seedlings.

ŠXʷWƏQ̓ʷƏΘƏT Crosstown Elementary is about to launch their zero-waste challenge with new signage for their recycling, organics, and garbage bins to make sorting more successful.

On Earth Day, students at University Hill Elementary hosted a zero-waste BBQ. The BBQ also featured nature and science exhibits, spring bike check-ups, and a plant sale.

At David Thompson Secondary, their Recycling Club launched an enhanced recycling program to capture items not typically recycled in the blue bins. This involves students collecting plastic and foil-composite wrappers from around the school. Once materials are collected, they are sent to be recycled off-site. 

David Thompson’s recycling club also created a mobile waste sorting station. The station is designed to be utilized inside classrooms and other areas of the school to educate students on reducing contamination across all waste streams. 

These are just a few of the 51 different projects happening in throughout the District. All projects will be wrapped up by the end of the school year, with a summary report provided by VSB’s sustainability team. 

Congratulations to this year’s sustainability grant recipients! Learn more about VSB sustainability grants or contact: to submit your ideas, stories, questions, or comments!

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