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​ TRASHformation challenge open to Vancouver students

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In partnership with the Vancouver School District, the City of Vancouver is seeking creative individuals with a passion for the environment to take on TRASHformation – an upcycled art challenge for students that can transform unwanted trash into recycled treasure.  

Designed specifically for Vancouver students, TRASHformation aims to raise awareness on issues such as climate change, water pollution, and waste reduction. The challenge encourages students in kindergarten to grade 12 to express their views on environmental issues through art and to showcase their work with only recycled materials.

Last year, there were several challenge winners, including three grade 5 students at Dickens Elementary. Daniel Sadarangani, Aj Oliver , and Kaleana Huhbuilt an angler fish out of plastic bottles to symbolize the staggering effects that ocean pollution has on unique fish populations. 

“We decided to use plastic bottles for the body of the fish,” says Sadarangan. “Then we glued on the eyes and teeth using plastic straws and a plastic kinder egg container for the lure.” 

Another contest winner in grade 8 at John Oliver Secondary created a gorilla sculpture out of cardboard, construction paper, and toothpicks to raise awareness of critically endangered species in the amazon rainforest. 

Students are eligible to enter the TRASHformation challenge until Sunday, November 14, 2021. Winners will be selected in both elementary and secondary categories at the end of November. 

Challenge winners will receive a Zero-Waste Swag Bag which includes a reusable cutlery kit, straw, water bottle, lunch container, and shopping bags. The winner of each category will also receive a new Herschel backpack. 

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