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Highlights: Special Board Meeting - March 29, 2021

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On Monday night, trustees attended a Special Board meeting virtually to hear a presentation of the draft Status Quo Budget for 2021-22. The presentation outlined the budget development process, findings from the engagement report and details about funds and expenses for the next school year.

After the presentation, trustees and stakeholder representatives asked District staff questions. It was noted that District staff will prepare recommendations for the Board based on delegation and stakeholder feedback from the Committee-of-the-Whole meetings on April 6 and April 15 for trustees to consider at the Board meeting on April 26.

Those who wish to participate as a delegate in the online Committee of the Whole Board meetings must register by sending an email to:

Although online engagement is now closed, people who wish to share their thoughts about budget priorities can do so via email until the budget is approved this spring.

For a copy of the presentation, visit: Budget 2021-2022. For information on the budget development process, view the full engagement summary report.

For full meeting details, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package

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