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Focus on vision for educational programs and seismic safety for District’s draft Long-Range Facilities Plan

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Every BC school district submits a Long-Range Facilities Plan to the Ministry of Education each year. The plan provides a mechanism for school districts to demonstrate they are managing their facilities effectively, economically, and efficiently to support educational goals. 

Vancouver School District’s 2020 plan focuses on supporting the District’s long-term vision for educational programs and aims to ensure that all students attend seismically safe schools.  

The District currently experiences declining enrolment of students overall; however within certain areas student numbers exceed available capacity. The plan includes considerations for balancing enrolment with capacity and space use of facilities for the Board to consider. The plan also presents opportunities for planning studies to take place to inform the District’s annual five-year capital plan submission. 

The Board engaged with the public throughout 2020 to develop a vision for using District buildings and spaces across the city - that reflects student needs for today and the future. This engagement supports and contributes to the foundation of the Long-Range Facilities Plan. 

The draft plan will be presented to the Facilities Planning Committee on January 13 for discussion with committee trustees and stakeholders. Should the committee members agree, the draft plan will move to the Board Meeting on January 25, 2021, for Board approval. 

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