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Vancouver Superintendent Announces Decision to Leave the District

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(Vancouver) – After accomplishing a great deal and setting the Vancouver School District on a successful journey, Suzanne Hoffman shares her decision to move on from the organization.

The Vancouver School Board and the BC School Trustees’ Association (BCSTA) together are pleased that Suzanne Hoffman will transition to CEO, BCSTA.

After three and a half eventful years, Hoffman has led the District on an extraordinary journey and helped the Board and the District refocus its priorities to center upon student learning. With her support, the Board delivered a ministry-mandated governance update, modernizing its functioning to better meet the needs of students. The District also made great strides in its reconciliation journey and on focusing staff efforts on supporting learning for students. The student voice now plays a central role in the District, and the District’s relationships with partners, students and their families is stronger than ever.

“When I arrived at the Vancouver School District, it was at a time when the District needed to heal and move forward. Building and strengthening relationships with our employee groups, our broader school community and the Board was of paramount importance,” said Hoffman. “Working together with staff, we now have the lens of excellence and equity for students, which I feel best serves their learning.”

As the first woman to hold the role of superintendent in Vancouver, Hoffman leaves a strong legacy of a positive learning and working culture, improved student outcomes and a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

“Suzanne’s commitment, expertise and dedication to students and staff is beyond exemplary,” said Carmen Cho, VSB Chair. “Under her leadership Vancouver now has an expectation of excellence and a culture of deep caring for everyone involved in our school communities,” Cho adds. “It is with much gratitude that I acknowledge the superb job Suzanne did in guiding the District throughout the last three and a half years, especially as we faced great uncertainly with the pandemic.”

The role of CEO at BCSTA will see Hoffman again contribute to BC’s publicly funded education system on the provincial level. Prior to joining the Vancouver School District, she served on the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Outreach Team, followed by the roles of Chief Educator and then the Superintendent of Learning Transformation for the province.

“I am thrilled that Suzanne Hoffman has decided to join BCSTA in the next phase of her celebrated career,” said Stephanie Higginson, President, BCSTA. “Suzanne brings a wealth of experience as a gifted educator that make her a perfect fit for BCSTA, including a time as the Chief Educator of the province and superintendent of two complex school districts. I look forward to working with Suzanne to support boards of education across British Columbia at this critical time in public education.”

With the October 2022 municipal election on the horizon and work underway to renew the District’s strategic priorities in a new education plan, Hoffman’s transition will provide ample time for a new superintendent to assume the role and carry on the good work of the District. A recruitment plan will be developed by the Vancouver School Board to fill the role of superintendent. More information will be provided as plans are finalized.


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