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​Canadian Computing Competition Champions!

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Vancouver School District students Ryan Leeson and Kevin Lu are among only fourteen students who received a perfect score (75/75) at the junior level in the recent Canadian Computing Competition 2019. Over 3,700 students took part in this year's challenging competition, which is open to secondary school students across Canada with an interest in programming. It tests students' ability in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms.

Ryan is a Grade 11 student at Eric Hamber Secondary. He says "I was really excited about it, because the year before I wanted a perfect score but didn't get it, so this year I was pleased." Kevin, a Grade ten student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, is already planning to enter the senior level next year.

Another Hamber Secondary student, Andy Liang, came within a hair of a perfect score (receiving 74/75). He is part of Hamber Secondary's Computer Science program; and feels his future career will be in area of computing.

Both Churchill Secondary and Hamber Secondary are nationally-recognized schools for Computer Science. Many of the schools' graduates have gone on after post-secondary to be hired by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

The District is developing a history of high achievers in computing competitions with Churchill Secondary students Ivan Baklanov, Kevin Lu and Tracy Sun and Hamber Secondary students Eric Leeson and Paul Van Raamsdonk achieving perfect scores in the Beaver Computing Challenge last year. The Beaver competition is designed for students with little or no previous experience to get excited about computing.

Churchill Secondary's popular Computer Programming and Computing Science club offers lunch time workshops in both logic problems and Python – a programming language. Student coaches lead the workshops. Grade 12 student Aiden Li and Grade 11 student Richard Luo coach the Python club.

"We unite young coders of all different levels under one roof, where they can help each other progress," Aiden says. Any student with an interest in programming can participate. An important aspect of the workshops is that they allow students to try their hand at coding without encountering any pressure that may accompany a regular credit course. Many who take part then go on to register for the school's programming courses.

Congratulations to all these budding computer programmers!

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