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Commemorating Remembrance Day at Tupper Secondary

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All secondary and elementary schools will hold their Remembrance Day assembly online this year due to COVID-19.

At Tupper Secondary, students came together to commemorate Remembrance Day by putting together a video of music, dance, poetry readings, guest speakers and a montage of poignant historical photographs. In addition, students from the Tupper Alternative Program (TAP) distributed poppies in advance of the online ceremony.

Ms. Read, dance teacher, and Mr. Cavaletto, band teacher, were instrumental with the recording and assembly of the video.

In the opening remark of the ceremony, Mr. Cavaletto reminds everyone not to forget the significance of Remembrance Day in the midst the pandemic.

“Distraction. Confusion. It can feel difficult to concentrate on any one thing for very long. Thankfully, however, the very nature of Remembrance Day - it's stillness, it's silence, it's contemplation - can help us to stop and block out the noise of everyday life and remember; this is not a day to glorify war or conflict. It is a day to remember the sacrifice of the people who came before us in war. But more than that, it is also a day that brings us together as a society to firmly and unequivocally reject war and aggression."

Classrooms at Tupper and students online will share this meaningful observation together as a community.

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