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Policy & Governance Committee Meeting Highlights: October 14, 2020

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Committees are comprised of member trustees and representatives of the District’s stakeholder groups. Meetings are live-streamed and are also available for viewing following their conclusion. 

Members of the Policy and Governance Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. The meeting began with an update on the District’s School Liaison Officer (SLO) Program. Trustees determined the need to modify and revise the original request for proposals to align with the Board’s objectives of hearing and learning from members in school communities and their experiences.

The committee then heard from seven delegations, members of the community including Vancouver parents and the BC Community Alliance. Delegation presenters shared their thoughts on the review the District’s SLO Program. After each delegation, trustees asked questions and thanked each presenter for providing their input.

A presentation was then provided to the committee about the District’s Anti-Racism and Non-Discrimination Strategic Plan. The presentation outlined the District’s ongoing focus and commitment to anti-racism across all school sites and facilities.

Committee members were also informed about revisions to Policy 21 (Non-Discrimination) and Accompanying Administrative procedures and Policy 4 – Trustee Code of Conduct. In addition, an update was provided about the process to rename of schools. A new process outlined in a draft AP will be a pilot test before the procedure is adopted by the Superintendent.

For full details or more information, watch the full proceedings or review the agenda package with reports.

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