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Focusing on health and safety

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The health and safety of staff and students is the number one priority of the Vancouver School District.

It is also the first of four guiding principles anchoring District plans as we move to the next phase of the school year while navigating COVID-19.

Health and safety is the focus of superintendent Suzanne Hoffman's second video update in a regular series that aims to keep everyone informed about plans for the District's school communities once spring break ends.

Hoffman explains most staff will not be in schools on Monday, March 30.

"The priority for Monday will be asking our principals to reach out to their own staff to say 'How are you? Are you self-isolating? Have you been exposed to anybody with COVID-19?' Because now we need to work on the health and safety aspect of our community."

Hoffman adds that on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 31 and April 1), the District will ask staff to start reaching out to families.

"What we want to hear from families on those days is how can we help, how are you doing, how are your children doing during these times," says Hoffman. "So that we can put plans in place to best support families and children in our community."

Hoffman emphasizes staff care deeply about their students, adding plans are being worked on and will take time.

Since the announcement on March 17 by the government that in-class learning would be suspended, the District has been working on plans to provide services and supports for students, families and staff.

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