Britannia Venture Program

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Secondary Students

The Britannia Venture Program is an academically challenging program that provides a unique educational experience for motivated students in Grades 8, 9, and 10.

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The Britannia Venture Program is an academically challenging program that provides a unique educational experience for motivated students in Grades 8, 9, and 10.

The diverse student body at Britannia Secondary presents a microcosm of the world community. Through a flexible timetable that supports both independent and shared learning experiences, Venture students will engage in learning designed to develop critical problem-solving capabilities and the academic skills required for success in their post-secondary education.  Cooperative and leadership opportunities within the junior secondary school setting will deepen their understanding of the intercultural connections that define the learners of Britannia.

The Venture Program philosophy is based on four key tenets as the building blocks to an enriched secondary school education:

1. Universal Values - an education that includes core values of respect and acceptance of all persons

2. Global Understanding - an education that teaches how national, linguistic and cultural diversity enriches the world community

3.Personal Excellence - an academic education which emphasizes the pursuit of high goals and encourages each child to achieve their personal best in all facets of school life - intellectual, social and athletic

4. Community Service - an education which inspires students to contribute actively to their physical or social environment, thereby fostering personal and social responsibility in the global community

Venture 8 - 10 offers students thematic curriculum across subject areas, monthly and extended field studies, overnight outdoor experiences and community involvement with leadership and personal growth workshops.   It is structured after the "mini school" concept, which allows students to be grouped together with their intellectual peers for support and encouragement. Venture attracts students whose achievement is above average and who are curious and self-motivated. Our program will serve as invaluable preparation for those wishing further enrichment in Britannia's world recognized Grade 11 and 12 International Baccalaureate Program.

The unique setting of Britannia Secondary lends itself ideally to a global education model.  As an inner-city, community school of multicultural learners, we live daily with global diversity.   Britannia is also a leader in the World Music community with its promotion of ethnic and religious understanding through cultural connections.  All of these elements combine with challenging personal development activities and a demanding academic preparation to create an exciting learning opportunity.

Grade 7 students may obtain an application through their teacher, at the Information Meeting held each Fall or by contacting Mr. Leo Boissy, the Venture Coordinator.  Applicants will participate in a testing session that includes a test of cognitive skills and a writing sample.  Each applicant will also be interviewed as part of the selection process.  Enrolment is limited to 30 students.