Vancouver Biennale Education

The Vancouver School Board is working collaboratively with the Vancouver Biennale to offer teacher workshops and cross-curricular units of inquiry designed to encourage active, engaged, inquiry based learning.

The Vancouver Biennale (“The Biennale”) is a non-profit charitable organization that celebrates art in public spaces. Each exhibition transforms the urban landscape into an Open Air Museum, facilitating globally inspired cultural experiences where people live, work, play and transit. 

The Biennale features internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists that represent a diversity of cultural perspectives and artistic disciplines, including sculpture, new media, performance works and film.

Launched in 2010, Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS Education Program (“BIG IDEAS”) has been building a creative, collaborative community of educators, learners, artists, researchers who in turn shape the program to strive for innovation in education.

BIG IDEAS in-School challenges youth and children around the Lower Mainland to examine social issues (environmental conservation, hunger/food production, cultural respect etc...) through Biennale public arts giving them a unique perspective and tool of exploration and sharing of their own ideas on the subject. To date, over 8,600 Kindergarten to Grade 12 students, 120 schools from 11 school districts have benefited from this socially-inclusive program.

BIG IDEAS Digital is an engaging multi-media online platform where educators share their past BIG IDEAS projects andcross-curricular inquiry units. BIG IDEAS cross-curricular units of inquiry support the new ‘Transforming B.C. Curriculum’ plans as developed by the Ministry of Education. They are founded on a student inquiry, experiential learning model that focuses on developing the learners’ core curriculum and cross-curricular competencies.

BIG IDEAS Workshop provides teachers' professional development resources in art integrated inquiry. Workshop attendees will experience a compact version of the BIG IDEAS project-based learning process. Through hands-on, inquiry-based activities, the workshop facilitator will guide you through ways to connect inquiry around art to curricula across subject areas.

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