Mandarin Bilingual

Mandarin Bilingual
Student Group:
K-7 Students

Mandarin bilingual program is unique to Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary and starts in grade 4-7.

Come to our Information Session on Jan 5, 6:30PM at Jamieson Elementary School.

Registration for the next school year will be accepted during office hours (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) from November to the end of January.

 Mandarin Bilingual Program

  • Is unique to Jamieson Elementary School
  • Core curriculum is taught in English.  Mandarin is delivered through Mandarin Language Arts
  • All requirements of the BC curriculum are covered
  • Starts in grade 4 and continues through to grade 7
  • Learn Mandarin in an effective and challenging way!
  • Participate in rich Mandarin cultural learning experiences!
  • Meet new friends!
  • Explore hidden musical talents in the Strings Program!
  • Learn a second language that will give students an edge in the working world!
  • Participate with motivated students in a high energy environment!
  • Join a program unique to Jamieson School and the Vancouver Public School System!


This Program is Designed For Students Who

  • Are residents of Vancouver
  • Are fluent in English and have strong English reading and writing skills
  • Will be entering grade 4 in September and do not have Chinese literacy skills


  • Are entering grades  5, or 6 (if there is space available) and have some appropriate Chinese literacy skills

Priority will be given to students who meet all of the above criteria.

The Program Will Develop…

  • Mandarin oral communication skills for a variety of situations
  • Reading and writing skills using Chinese characters

High School Continuation

  •  The program continues at Eric Hamber Secondary School.

Class Size

  •  The number of students in each class follows the BC Ministry class size regulations.


  •  The YMCA provides quality on site daycare before and after school.  For further details, contact the YMCA office at 263-6691 or 294-9622.

Strings Program

Jamieson has a strings program where students learn to play the violin, viola, cello, or bass in one of four orchestras.  The program is mandatory for Mandarin Bilingual Program students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Jamieson offers a number of extra-curricular activities; some are school-sponsored, while others are in association with community organizations.

Application Forms:  MBP packages will be ready for pick up
            Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School
            6350 Tisdall Street
            Vancouver, BC   V5Z 3N4
            Tel:  (604) 713-5367; Fax:  (604) 713-5369

 Or Download an Application Form.

What Our Students Say

“I like the program because it is fun and challenging which makes you get into the habit of working hard.  It is also very useful to learn another language that is common to others and can be used.” - Itai

“I enjoy being in the Mandarin program because it can help me find a job... in the future.  I can speak  to Mandarin-speaking people in North America and I think that in the future many other people will want to learn Chinese.” - Annabelle

“In the Mandarin program you learn a different language that is now popular around the world.  Mandarin is a hard language to learn but it  is worth the challenge.” - Kaitlin T.

“The Mandarin Bilingual program has been a wonderful experience for me.  It is very exciting to be able to read and write various characters and sentences and even speak in Mandarin..I think Mandarin can be challenging but could be the best experience of your life.” - Grace K.

“I have been in the Mandarin program since I was in Grade 4.  Everyday has been an experience to remember.  In the Mandarin program we relate our learning to real-life, go on field trips and make up games,  so that learning Mandarin is fun.  I have really enjoyed being in the program!”  - Leanna

“I have learned many skills and have opened many new windows of opportunity for myself.  Not only am I learning a new language, but have also met new friends.  Since I started going to Jamieson, I have travelled more and been able to speak and translate for my family,  what the locals are saying.  The program has greatly impacted my studies and the way that I learn.  My hopes are that more people will join and have the same experiences I have had!”  - Jonah

“...I am happy to learn Mandarin; I think it will be a global language in the future.” - Alex Y.

“Being in the Mandarin Bilingual Program has been an exciting, challenging and fun experience...knowing Mandarin can open doors for you...I have even been able to teach some Mandarin to family and friends...this experience has been great...”  - Amanda

“I just transferred to Jamieson last year and I feel right at home.  The environment at this school is the perfect place to learn Mandarin.  The kids here are all so friendly and eager to learn and the teachers are all so understanding and eager to learn from us....I can now communicate with my Mandarin-speaking friends more fluently.” - Meghan