Scientist in Residence

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The Scientist in Residence Program’s mission is to excite, inspire and support elementary school children and teachers to discover the world through hands-on science.

This program is based on the partnerships that develop between teachers and scientists, and their sharing of knowledge and passion for both teaching and science. Two teachers and a scientist in residence work together at each school to create and deliver six or more hands-on science lessons on a specific theme. Critical thinking and confidence are supported as children in grades K-7 engage in science activities and experiments in classrooms and on field trips. Children are encouraged to question, explore, observe and discover as they use the process of science to learn about their world.

The Scientist in Residence Program lesson plans are available to other educators and the public through this website. The lesson plans fit with the BC Ministry of Education guidelines for Science K to 7. These lesson plans, together with the enthusiastic students’ quest to know more and the experiences gained by elementary school teachers and scientists, are the legacies of the Scientist in Residence Program.

The Scientist in Residence Program is made possible through generous support from our program partners (acknowledged below). We are very grateful for this support.