STTEP - Strategic Technology Training and Employment Program

Student Group:
Special Education

STTEP is a district career preparation program for students who are having difficulties in the regular academic program.    Here is a description of the STEP Program at Gladstone Secondary.

STTEP is a district career preparation program for students who are having difficulties in the regular academic program. Students have the opportunity to work towards their School Leaving Certificate. Basics are taught in the core academic subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Career Education and Physical Education.

When appropriate, students are encouraged to take skill or trade courses offered at Gladstone including Applied Skills and Fine Arts. Conflict resolution, anger management and certificate courses such as St. John’s Emergency First Aid may be offered to the students.


Each year the students have two mandatory, three-week work experiences as part of their career preparation. This gives the students the opportunity to experience first hand a variety of work opportunities. Along with academics, the group takes part in outdoor education trips. The purpose of these trips is to build social and group dynamic skills. Emphasis is placed on building the student’s honesty, reliability, punctuality, manners, personal responsibility and commitment.


Students are appropriate for placement in this program when they:

  • require modified course work and are motivated to complete a grade 12 school completion certificate program;
  • are not succeeding in the regular program course work, but are motivated to remain in school;
  • have Reading and Mathematics skills that are below grade level;
  • understand and commit (with parental agreement) to the career development nature of the program, including work experience which is mandatory at the Grade 11 and 12 levels.



STTEP referrals be submitted to the Central Screening Committee.



□ referral to Screening form

□ psychological assessment, (if available)

□ pre-referral intervention strategies (PRIS) form

□ assessment of achievement levels

□ most recent report card

□ School Based Team Minutes

□ Individual Education Plan (IEP), (if appropriate)

□ completion of in-take form for the program



Graduates of STTEP should be ready to:

  • proceed directly to employment;
  • obtain further training at a vocational school providing they meet entrance requirements;
  • enroll in high school updating programs to complete their Dogwood or GED.



Grades 10 to 12 (at least 15 years of age to 19)

Program capacity is 45 students

3 Teachers




Gladstone Secondary