Distributed Learning at Vancouver Learning Network - Elementary

Distributed Learning
Student Group:
K-7 Students

VLN-E provides complete programs with a flexible work schedule for students who are travelling, participating in additional training, or working at home.

The Vancouver Learning Network-Elementary program at VLN (530 East 41 Avenue) is part of the public school system in the Vancouver Board of Education.  This Distributed Learning program offers a full program for Kindergarten to Grade 7 students who are residents of British Columbia.  The student and parent/guardian meet with a qualified B.C. teacher to design a Student Learning Plan, in which your child will be able to pursue their interests while demonstrating appropriate grade level learning outcomes.  Teachers are responsible for leading the educational program with support from the parents/ guardians.   Formal reports are written three times per school year, just as in the regular program. 

Students enroll in the VLN-Elementary for a variety of purposes such as:  to maintain their B.C. schooling while traveling abroad;  to make allowances for students with health needs that make regular attendance at school a challenge;  or to allow the flexibility for participation in high level sports or arts programs. 

Distributed learning assignments are typically dropped off at the VLN, submitted by mail or sent online. Students maintain contact with teachers and with each other through personal email, telephone, Skype, weekly Blackboard Collaborate, by visiting the VLN-E office, and by participating in field trips and activities. 

Materials and books are made available in the VLN bookroom (530 East 41st Avenue) at the corner of 41st & Fraser Street.  Hours are 8:30 am to 4:30pm with modified hours in summer. A $100.00 refundable deposit is required for students in the area.  A $300.00 refundable deposit is required for students travelling outside the VBE.

For further information about VLN-Elementary or to register your child, please contact the VLN directly.

Principal: Jim Rutley 604.713.5538

 Vice Principal: Kerry Handscomb 604.713.5530