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Distributed Learning
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Secondary Students

Vancouver Learning Network - Secondary

VLN offers over 90 courses in total, from Grades 8-12, all of which are accredited courses for a British Columbia Dogwood. Most course offerings are provided online, with an additional core of self-paced correspondence courses available to students. 
All courses at VLN are tuition-free to students of any age who are Canadian citizens and residents of British Columbia.  Courses are available to Vancouver Board of Education students, as well as students from other school districts . VLN is ideal for students who want to do one or two courses online as part of a graduation plan, or for students who find that the face-to-face environment is no longer an option. We provide the flexibility that many students need.

For detailed information visit VLN website: http://vln.vsb.bc.ca/

Grades: 8 -12

Location: VLN program is situated within the John Oliver Secondary School site

Principal: Pedro Da Silva

Vice-Principal: Jim Rutley