District Facilities Rental

The Rentals Section is responsible for the rental of school facilities and grounds to non-profit and commercial users.

All requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Rental Office for approval
and processing..

Application forms: 


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Processing Fees

  • In July 2010 we implemented a $25 processing fee for all rentals (new applications and renewals).
  • An amendment fee of $25 applies for any changes made to bookings after the rental contract has been finalized.
  • A cancellation fee of $25 continues to apply for cancellation of dates or bookings after the rental contract has been finalized.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open application forms. Save a copy of the application form to your desktop and fill in your information. Save a copy of the form and attach it to an email and sent it to rentals@vsb.bc.ca.

District Facilities Rental


District assets are used first and foremost to provide elementary and secondary educational services.  Child care programs will only be permitted to use School facilities as long as they do not negatively affect the operation of the K-12 programs.  The Board may grant use of its school facilities for child care programs provided a fee is charged to recover operating costs. 

Rental Procedure

The Vancouver School Board deals only with not-for-profit organizations, not private businesses.  Not-for-profit organizations wishing to establish a child care program in a Vancouver school building or on school grounds must first contact the Planning and Facilities Department and receive various approvals before a rental agreement can be made.  Please note that in some cases, a different type of agreement will be required.

The initial steps in the approval process are:

  1. The not-for-profit organization conducts a needs assessment to determine the demand for child care services in the area of interest.

  2. The organization approaches the principal to obtain his/her written support for the proposal.

  3. The organization contacts Rentals & Planning and Facilities to arrange a meeting to review applicable policies/procedures and define the next steps.

Once Planning and Facilities endorses the proposal, approvals from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (Community Care Facilities Licensing) and the City of Vancouver (development and building permits) will be required.  Please note that the process to establish a child care program in a school facility therefore involves a minimum of four to 6 months.

Rental Rates

NB: Proposed Childcare Costing Model presented to Committee II on May 4, 2010

Under a rental agreement, the cost to child care providers ranges from $1.80/hour to $11.00/hour depending on the size of the licensed capacity.  Please note that cost recovery will be calculated differently if an agreement other than a rental is required.  

  1. The maximum charge per day will be seven (7) hours

  2. These rates will apply throughout the year.

    3.    If heat is required it will be charged at: 
           a) $10.55/day for heat on regular school days
           b) $26.30/day for heat on non-school days

    4.    During school breaks, groups will be charged for additional custodial services: 
           a) 1-40 children - 30min/day
           b) 41+ children - 60 min/day

    5.    A basic rental fee of $20.10 per space per staff meeting will be charged for the use of school facilities after 6:00pm

    6.    Payment methods: 
           a) Payment in full, upon receipt of invoices 
           b) Ten post dated monthly cheques, upon receipt of invoice


 Last updated:  June 2009

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Looking for a place to hold indoor sporting events for a group of friends or your community but just can't seem to find the right space?  Check out the Vancouver School Board gymnasiums.  We have elementary and secondary schools located across the city which may be available after 6:00pm on weeknights and all day on Saturday and Sunday. 

Rental Procedure

Please complete the application form here and have it faxed or emailed to the Rental Department at (fax) 604-713-4479 or rentals@vsb.bc.ca


Download our Gymnasium rentals brochure with the current rates.


  1. All facilities are rented on an "AS IS" basis.  This applies to suitability, condition and service.
  2. The Board's obligation is restricted to the provision of facilities, as they exist at the time of the rental.
  3. Equipment is not included except basketball hoops and badminton and volleyball nets in gyms.
  4. Many schools do not permit the use of gymnasiums for the practicing of indoor soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball or football.  Groups who are given permission to play indoors must ensure that proper equipment (e.g. plastic hockey sticks, regular runners (no cleats)is used so as not to damage the gym floor.

Last updated:  June 2009


Schools are excellent venues for holding meetings, lectures and/or seminars.  With over 100 schools to choose from, the possibilities are endless!  We have classrooms, libraries, music rooms, staffrooms, cafeterias and multi-purpose rooms.  

Staff parking lots are available for rent.  For those who choose to take transit, most schools are located within walking distance from bus stops.

Rental Procedure

Please complete the application form here and have it faxed or emailed to the Rentals department at 604-713-4479 or rentals@vsb.bc.ca


Download the meetings brochure with current rates.

Last updated:  June 2009


The playfields at the Vancouver School Board are divided into 3 categories:  Regular grass fields, irrigated grass fields, and all weather (gravel) fields.  The Regular grass and all weather fields are opened year round whereas the irrigated grass fields are closed to soccer and rugby in July and August due to annual maintenance.

Playfields are in high demand, therefore, groups are serviced on a first-come first-serve basis, with preference given to returning/long-term user groups. 

Rental Procedure

Please complete this application form here and have it faxed or emailed to the Rental Department at (fax) 604-713-5077 or rentals@vsb.bc.ca

Download our field rentals brochure with current rates.


The following sessions are available:
1.  Spring/Summer Softball:
     April 01 - August 31

2.  Spring/Summer Soccer:
     April 01 - August 31
     (Soccer and rugby on irrigated fields end June 30)

3.  Fall/Winter Soccer:    

Rules and Regulations

  1. The playing of golf or the driving of golf balls, is not allowed on school grounds.

  2. Climbing on goal posts or backstops is not permitted.  If this occurs, the user group is liable for any damage sustained. 

  3. Groups who are provided a key to access gates/goals, the gates/goals must be secured after each use and the key returned at the end of the rental contract.  Otherwise, the costs will be charged to the rental group.

  4. Should clean up or repairs be required resulting from the rental group's action,  the costs will be charged to the rental group involved.

  5. All groups must be aware that no toilet facilities are available on school property and portable toilets are not allowed to be installed without permission from the VSB. 


Field Closures and Cancellations

  1. Poor weather conditions may result in field closure.  Rental groups have the responsibility to check field closure information by calling the number below.

  2. Groups found using fields which are closed will be responsible for damage and may have their rental contacts cancelled.

  3. Refunds are not issued for field closures.

  4. Groups who find any unsafe conditions at VSB fields are requested to please contact the Rentals office.

FIELD CLOSURE LINE:  (604) 713-6000 Ext. 2666

Last updated:  June 2009