SACY workshop descriptions

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Building Bridges with your teens (Adolescent development and communication) 

SACY Adult Toolkit (Teens, Alcohol & Cannabis)

Capcity Cafe (Youth Voices)

Teens, Technology & Parenting
How to Hold a Family Meeting (Collaborative Problem solving
Parenting Clubs

Building Bridges with your teens

  • How to listen so your kids will talk
  • Tools to encourage capable youth
  • What’s typical, what’s not

            In this workshop we consider together the changes that happen during adolescence—things we’ve heard, seen, read about or lived through—and find out what science can tell us about what’s going on and how to handle it. Learn practical, day-to-day strategies that encourage responsible decision-making and increased communication. Implement them to get to know your teen (and maybe yourself) better!

Some sessions available with interpretation.

Parent Quotes:

  • "I had a ‘light bulb moment’. I suddenly realized how I sound to my son.”
  • “I am happy to report that we had a MUCH better weekend with my teenager, thanks in large part to implementing some of the communications tips I learned at your workshop.”
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Adolescent Development- Adolescent Dev
- Young Teens
Changing Roles for Parents- Cats and Dogs
- 12 Ideas
Communication Approaches - Communication Handout
- Communication Discussion  
Reflecting on Your Relationship

- Who is in Control?
- Self-Report and change 

Capacity Cafe

Wondering about today’s youth culture? Come hear from the experts – Vancouver’s youth!

  • The stresses & pressure youth face
  • What works (or doesn’t) to support teens
  • What real youth think and feel

            In this facilitated dialogue, youth who have been involved with SACY activities have volunteered to share their life experiences in order to help parents understand their own teens better. We will gather questions from parents (maybe even those questions you are afraid to ask your own teen) and, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidentiality, hear some honest, powerful answers. Please note that the questions are asked and facilitated by SACY youth facilitators.

Some sessions available with interpretation.

Parent Quotes

  • I just want to thank you so much for last night. It was an amazing experience, at times emotional I might add. I learned so much and much was confirmed.”
  • “… your colleagues, who are working with youth at schools…I want to say how their work was (is) inspiring!”
  • “I thought that was great last night. The answers those kids gave were very personal, and not general at all, and I thought that they were risking a lot by talking about drugs, alcohol and their relationships with their parents so frankly….it's powerful when you hear it from their own mouths.  I went over and thanked them afterwards and I would like to thank you and the other organizers for setting such a forum up. Count me in next time."


SACY Adult Toolkit:  Add to your skills & knowledge about teens, alcohol & cannabis

SACY and STEP facilitators have a friendly and non-judgemental evening for caregivers to discuss:

  • Practical information on alcohol and marijuana related to teen development
  • Strategies that counselors use to help teens make healthy decisions 
  • First steps in how to increase understanding, move forward and make change in your relationship with your teenager 

Parent Quotes:

  • “I enjoyed the workshop – don’t know how it could be improved.”
  • “All of it [was helpful]!! Very well planned, everything flowed and was straight to the point!” 
  • “Really liked what works with kids. Good emphasis.”
  • “I learned: don't keep talking about the drugs, Find other positives.”   
  • “Thank you for being here -- your support has been critical in helping my daughter work through this time.”

How to hold a Family Meeting

            In this workshop we explore how to work toward family consensus on things like chores, homework, technology use, curfews, parties, substance use, etc. When youth are included in the decision making process, they are more likely to buy-in and stick to the family guidelines. Parents learn how to be firm while modeling a respectful communication and negotiation process.

Parent Quotes

  • “The family meeting framework -- I'm excited to try it out! The content was great. More parents should be drawn in to hear it.”
  • “The family meeting exercise was helpful!”
  • “I had a good grasp overall, but I learned more about staying connected with my kids.”

Things parents say they learned from the family meeting workshop:

  • Keep the channels of communication open, set boundaries, and more family time/discussion.
  • Be transparent, act as role model, engage and listen.
  • The most helpful thing is how could I handle my emotion whenever things are not working out well.

Parenting Clubs:

            SACY partners with settlement and multicultural workers to hold clubs for parents at various schools. These monthly meetings offer a new topic each month and provide an opportunity for parents to discuss strategies and approaches on parenting teens in Vancouver.

2013 - 2014:
Parenting the Teens Club  

  • Punjabi and Hindi speaking parents
  • New topics every month
  • Making healthy and responsible choices 

“Parenting the Teens Club" is a new monthly drop-in group for Punjabi and Hindi speaking parents/caregivers of teenagers. The group meets every second Tuesday of the month to discuss teenage parenting strategies. SACY Parent and Family Engagement Worker, Sumeet Ghuman will be bringing a new topic every month to help parents connect and build a stronger relationship with their teenager and influence them in making healthy and responsible choices. Please see attached flyer for more information. 

 2012 -2013
Churchill Multicultural Parents' Tea Club

Building good relationship with your school and your teen:
If you want to:

  • Strengthen communication between the school and yourself
  • Share your parenting experiences with others
  • Know what resources are available and network with others

Teens, Technology & Parenting

  • What's going on with internet use? How much is too much?
  • Setting boundaries around technology
  • What does a balanced lifestyle look like for teens? For parents?

            In this workshop, we will review the use of internet and technology among youth (and adults), explore the idea of cyber-addiction vs. overuse, and the role that parents play in modeling balanced lifestyles. Learn how to find out what your teens are really after with their internet use, how computer use affects the brain, and how to set boundaries and use negotiation skills to build agreements the whole family can live with.

Parent Quotes:

  • Nice to know that despite my son's allegations to the contrary, other parents DO care if their kids are online too much!”
  • "Great info!"
  • "A reminder that trust and communication are the goal"
  • "I learned that I might see a problem is not what my [child] might identify as a problem"

Some sessions available with interpretation.