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Britannia Course Planning Guide

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Greetings parents & guardians! The Britannia counsellors will be running course planning presentations for all students on Monday, February 1st during their morning and afternoon classes.  Students will be provided with detailed information about course selection for their upcoming 2021/22 school year and given a course selection sheet to fill out and have signed by a parent/guardian.  Course sheets are to be handed in at the counselling office by February 8th.  For course descriptions please visit the Britannia course calendar online.

Britannia Course Planning Guide


Students should also pay extra attention when selecting Math courses in grades 10-12 as their choices may or may not impact post-secondary options.  If you have any questions about this or about course selection in general, please contact your child's grade counsellor.


Ms. Joann Liu - Gr 8 (A-H) & Gr 11 -

Ms. Kaitlee Simonson - Gr 8 (I-P) & Gr 12 -

Ms. Michelle Roberts - Gr 8 (R-Z) & Gr 9 -

Mr. Mike Wiskar - Gr 10 & International Students -

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