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Britannia Poetry in Voice Winners!

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Poetry in Voice is a poetry recitation competition that began as a regional competition in Ontario in 2010. Since then, Poetry in Voice has grown into a national competition that thousands of students participate in each year.  Despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, Britannia students continued to put in the hard work it takes to perform poetry. Summer Chenoweth, Sara Kourkmas, and Sam Byassee represented Britannia in the Vancouver Team Regionals competition and won first place! We are so proud of their heartfelt and powerful performances. We would like to acknowledge the bravery and dedication of all our competitors. School Champion: Finn Ghosh-Leudke, Other competitors: Stephanie Slen and David Ly. 


Video links and descriptions:

Summer Chenoweth - "I Lost My Talk" by Rita Joe


Sara Kourkmas - "The Last Laugh" by Wilfred Owen

Sam Byassee - "Ramadan" by Kazim Ali

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