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The Britannia Venture Program is an academically challenging program that provides a unique educational experience for motivated students in Grades 8, 9, and 10.

Through independent and shared learning experiences, Venture students engage in learning designed to develop critical problem-solving capabilities and the academic skills required for success in their post-secondary education. Venture gathers students with like-minded peers for support and encouragement. Our program attracts students whose achievement is above average and who are curious and self-motivated.

Britannia Secondary’s diverse student body presents a microcosm of the world community. For Venture students, this provides unique learning opportunities in cooperation, social justice, and leadership that will deepen their understanding of the relationship between local issues and global challenges.

Venture also serves as preparation for students pursuing enrichment in the Grade 11&12 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). For nearly 30 years, many Britannia students have successfully completed this unique pathway of a challenging, globally-recognized program of student enrichment.

Venture centers around four philosophical tenets:

o    Equality - an education that includes core values of respect and acceptance of all persons

o    Global Awareness- an education that teaches how social, linguistic, and cultural diversity enriches the world community

o    Personal Excellence- an academic education which emphasizes the pursuit of high goals and encourages each child to achieve their personal best in all facets of school life

o    Community Service- an education which inspires students to contribute actively to their physical and/or social environment, thereby fostering personal and social responsibility in the global community

How to Apply

Grade 7 students may obtain an application in the sidebar of this page under 'Resources' or by contacting the Venture Coordinator. Each applicant will need to complete applications, submit copies of academic records and attend interviews as part of the selection process.

Prospective students will also need to complete a VSB Mini School application:

Important dates:

Venture info night: Nov 2 

VSB Mini School general registration: Nov 9 to Dec 17

Venture applications due: Dec 18

Venture 8 interviews: Jan 12 – 15


For more on Venture, please email 

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