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Back to School! Welcome back to Captain Cook Elementary


Please note the following details regarding the first week of school in September:

  • Cook will re-open on Tuesday, September 3. Students will attend from 9:00-10:00 am so that we can confirm the number of returning students.
  • Returning students should proceed to last year's classroom. They will remain with last year's teacher until we have classes organized. We hope to have new classes organized and assigned by the end of the week.
  • New students will go to the library and wait to be assigned to a temporary, age-appropriate class.
  • Kindergarten students will begin their gradual entry on Wednesday, September 3rd
  • Staff will be finalizing class casting/placement process during the first week and we hope to be in our 2019-2020 classes by Monday, September 9th at the latest.


  • Please note that Cook will be adopting a new schedule this year that is consistent with most, if not all, school schedules within the Vancouver School Board. The schedule will not impact start and ending times, but staff and students will be adjusting during the day.


    9:00 am Start of day
    10:50 -11:05am Recess
    12:00 -12:47pm Lunch
    3:00 pm End of day
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