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Interested in STEM, cooking, dance, band, academic upgrading and much more? VSB Summer Experience 2019 offers a wide range of courses for elementary, secondary and international students. If you are a BC Student, most courses are funded by the Ministry of Education. Please see course list for more details.

Elementary Programs are held at:

  • KERRISDALE, 5555 Carnarvon St.
  • ERIC HAMBER, 5025 Willow St.
  • LAURA SECORD, 2500 Lakewood Dr.
  • MOUNT PLEASANT, 2300 Guelph St.
  • NOOTKA, 3375 Nootka St.
  • TECUMSEH, 1850 E. 41st Ave.
  • WAVERLEY, 6111 Elliott St.

Secondary Program Locations

  • CHURCHILL, 7055 Heather St.
  • DAVID THOMPSON, 1755 E. 55th Ave.
  • ERIC HAMBER, 5025 Willow St.
  • JOHN OLIVER, 530 E. 41st Ave.
  • PRINCE OF WALES, 2250 Eddington Dr.
  • POINT GREY, 5350 E. Boulevard
  • VANCOUVER TECH., 2600 E. Broadway

Visit to learn more or go to your school office to pick up a catalogue.

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