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Parent Advisory Council

Charles Dickens and Dickens Annex PAC

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is formed by parents and/or guardians who have children attending a particular school. Each school has its own PAC organization. This PAC is part of the Vancouver District PAC which in turn is connected to the BC Confederation of Advisory Councils

These pages are about the PAC at Charles Dickens and Dickens Annex. 

The PAC of the annex and the main school are united into one cohesive team that alternates meetings between both schools.  Meetings are held on a regular basis with a variety of topics and speakers. Check out  the calendar and the newsletters to find out who the speaker is and what interesting topic will be under discussion.  Since all parents and  guardians who have students attending either school are automatically members of the PAC, all are encouraged to attend the meetings. 

New participants are always welcome! Parents are invited to subscribe to our PAC BLOG at

Dickens Annex PAC Info (PDF)

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