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District celebrates with Maquinna Elementary students and staff as school community return to seismically safe school

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The Maquinna Elementary school community are excited to return to their school site today after a successful seismic upgrade.

Part of the province’s Seismic Mitigation Program, $12.2 million was approved to upgrade Maquinna Elementary including the east and west classrooms, as well as the gymnasium.

Construction began in spring 2020 and is now complete ahead of schedule. In addition to the upgrade, building components were replaced where impacted by seismic work as well as improvements to accessibility including a new elevator.

The Board is working hard to ensure all students attend seismically safe schools as quickly as possible," says Carmen Cho, Vancouver School District Board Chair. "We are delighted for the Maquinna Elementary community that they are in a seismically safe building that will serve students today and for generations to come."

"The parents of Chief Maquinna are delighted that the children are returning to a seismically safe and refreshed school. We are thankful to the staff and students at Seymour Elementary for being so accommodating, the construction crew for all the hardwork to ensure that the project ran smoothly through the pandemic, the principal Mr. Sallee and staff for working tirelessly in unfamiliar surroundings while managing pandemic safety protocols. As parents we are glad that our children are finally able to return to school in their community," says Scott Kaminski, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair.

While the necessary upgrades took place, students attended classes at Seymour Elementary.

Learn more about the seismic mitigation program to make schools safer in the event of an earthquake.

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