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Update from the Vancouver School District: Doing our part to save fuel

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As you are aware, the provincial government has implemented two temporary emergency orders: the first to restrict non-essential travel in some areas and the second, to prioritize fuel for essential vehicles

Schools are open and there are no impacts to instruction by the fuel shortage. However, we are doing our part as a school district to limit the use of fuel in the coming weeks. This includes:

  • Transitioning Board and committee meetings to be virtual (see our events calendar for more information).
  • Providing staff who are able to work from home the opportunity to do so while maintaining current services. In-person meetings that require travel will be rescheduled to take place virtually whenever possible.
  • Some non-essential sporting and extracurricular activities or field trips may be adjusted, if necessary. School staff will provide information about any changes. 
  • Rescheduling or adjusting planned maintenance and grounds work to conserve fuel.
  • Encouraging everyone in our school communities to save on fuel by walking, biking, taking transit or carpooling to work and school, and to limit non-essential travel where possible. 

These measures are guided by principles set out for the education sector by the Ministry of Education which are to: 

  1. Keep students and staff safe, as well as those in the broader community. 
  2. Maintain access to in-person instruction and educational continuity; and
  3. Reduce fuel usage within the sector to the greatest extent possible to contribute to the provincial fuel and travel restriction measures.

Again, during this difficult time for our province and for those who live and work in areas directly impacted by the flooding and landslides, we encourage everyone to do what they can to limit fuel use. Please adjust your commuting habits where possible – walk, bike, take transit or carpool when possible.  

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