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Our Staff

Teaching StaffName
Cohort A - Division 1 (Grade 7)
Jason Bring
Cohort A -  Division 2 (Grade 6/7)Alexis Stanton
Cohort B - Division 3 (Grade 6)Matt Carruthers 
Cohort C - Division 4 (Grade 5)Mark Stewart
Cohort C - Division 5 (Grade 4/5)Adrienne Kinzel (for Tracy Janze)
Cohort B - Division 6 (Grade 3/4)Julia Kwon 
Cohort D - Division 7 (Grade 3/4)Karen Lirenman 
Cohort D - Division 8 (Grade 3)Jessica Ho (for Katie Dimitropoulos)
Cohort E - Division 9 (Grade 2/3)Julia Kwon
Cohort E - Division 10 (Grade 1/2)Lavonne Liang
Cohort F - Division 11 (Grade 1/2)Joanne Lau
Cohort F - Division 12 (Grade 1)Jenn Korchinski (Mon. - Thurs.)
H. Broadland (Fri.)
Cohort G - Division 13 (Kindergarten)Kailee Ferreira
Cohort G - Division 14 (Kindergarten)Nicole Wong 
Cohort G - Division 15 (Kindergarten)Emilie Royle
Music PrepMonica Presley
Resource TeacherSonia Pietzsch
Resource Teacher 
Resource / Prep. Teacher
Kelly McDermid (T, Th)
Kuljit Kanwal (Wed.)
Resource-Teacher-LibrarianMarvin Muress
CounsellorJoanne Polukoshko (Tues., Wed.)
Speech Language PathologistLauren Linkie (Tues., Wed.)
PsychologistErica Mah
Support StaffName
Student and School AssistantJenna Beaudry
Student and School Assistant
Winnie Huang
Student and School Assistant
Jo Sian

Supervision AideMacaulay Luk
Supervision AideZahra Seto
Supervision AideBrenda Swiderski (2nd W, Th, F)
Administrative StaffName
PrincipalCarrie Froese
Office Administrative AssistantSusan Stelmack
Extra ClericalZahra Harji (Th)
Building Engineers
Evening Engineer
Ioan Torok 
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