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Literacy at Home

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April 2 is International Children's Book Day but every day is a good day to read a good book. We have so many Children's authors to celebrate. Audio-books are available to families with a Vancouver address. are offering their audio-books for children and youth for free while kids are at home due to COVID-19. Harry Potter at Home is being offered for free and it is very cool for fans. Be sure to check out the link to the Livingstone LIbrary to access books in the library and on the databases.  Mr. Muress is scheduling times for students to check out library books.  Family reading will resume when COVID-19 is under control.

Vancouver Kidsbooks is doing web orders and phone orders for personal purchases. It is better to do it on the web, as they are able to keep the queue organized and not accidentally sell something that has already been ordered by someone else. However staff are more than happy to help with questions and recommendations over the phone if needed.

Kidsbooks website:

Check out the links. Read. Talk about books and make connections with your own life. Harriet the Spy first inspired me to write. What book character or author inspires you? Talk about it. Write about it. It will help you to think about it.

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