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Safe Arrival

Reporting Student Absences

Student safety is of paramount importance at the Vancouver School District. Ensuring student safety is a shared responsibility. In order to assist schools, we ask parents to notify schools of student absences. If your child will be absent from school, please phone the school to report this absence as early as possible. Parents should leave a message on a dedicated answering service by calling 604-713-5159 extension 45. Messages will be received before the office is open. School offices are busy places: consistently notifying the school in advance of your child’s absence will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Safe Arrival Morning Routine.

To Report Your Child's Absence – Please Call 604-713-5159 extension 45 as soon as you know your child will be absent.

Student Sign In and Sign Out Procedures

If a student arrives in their classroom after their teacher has taken attendance, both in the morning or after lunch, the student must be signed in at the office.

If your child has to go to an appointment, older students can sign out at the office and meet you just outside the main door at a specific time. Please send primary students with a note to give to the teacher. Include the time the child needs to meet you outside the main door. A staff member will walk them there. Call the office if they are not at the meeting place on time and the office will page them to come to the front door immediately. 

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!

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