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School Community Garden

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There has been a flurry of activity in the Livingstone School Community garden.  The Student Garden Committee has been clearing weeds and enjoying time in the garden at recess and lunch, and welcoming other students into this calm reflective space.  There is a stocked "Mud Kitchen" and trucks for primary students wanting to create.  Dr. Art Bomke has donated two blueberry bushes from the Riley Park Garden and given lucky senior students a soil science lesson.  A parent donated load of sawdust is coming to protect them as the root structure is consolidated.  Last Sunday there was a parent led work party to clear the pathways of pernicious weeds and repair the damaged benches.  VSB grounds will be delivering bark mulch to go over the cardboard to keep down the weeds.  Teachers have signed up for garden beds to do cross curricular studies with their students.  

PAC is funded the creation of Outdoor Learning backpacks to support the learning.  These were assembled by the Earth First Leadership team.  Ms. D's class installed a greenhouse made with hula hoops and plastic to protect our strawberries, kale and herbs.  Many students have come together to lay cardboard around orchard trees to kill the grass and added aged manure, compost and wood chips.  Purposeful and productive work that also doubles as a strategy to breathe, relax and make friends.

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